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We have the combined business experience of over 35 years. Many things haved changed yet remained the same. However, in  these trying economic times, many of us looking for a bargain in hair care, have ​run into disasters, whether it was a do it you self job, or a friend or neighbor, ​trying to put a relaxer, color or weave in. We have seen the  hair disasters,  and it costs more to fix them, than it would have cost to get the service done ​correctly the first time. That's where we come in, at Back to Reality Hair  Designs, we offer high-end quality services for affordable prices. We have all worked in high end Salons and spas, but let's be real, you just don't pay for the service and products, you pay for the ambiance, the name on the wall, even the area, the Salon is located. We wanted to create a Salon with a professional atmosphere, 

 where we could offer you high-end products and services at affordable ​ prices. We believe, we have reached that goal. We think every woman deserves the best, even if our wallet doesn't agree.