Dec 13
What is "Black Hair"?! Part one

​The term Black Hair, or Ethnic Hair Care, is used alot in the Beauty Industry. Many years ago, when I worked in a corporate hair salon, we were told not to use the term Ethic Hair, because it was racially derogatory, meaning that people of different ethnic back grounds, had different hair textures than White( Caucasian) people. Using the term Black Hair is the same in my book.  I'm tired of going to Hair expos, and have to explain to the White Platform Artist, that there is no such thing as Black Hair. The only Black Hair we should be referring to, is black hair color, and not a race of people. America is so racially divided,  that even when you go into a drug store,  they have a "Black Hair Care" section. The correct term, is "Highly Textured Hair", all White people do not have straight hair, all Black people do not have over curly, kinky hair. My Milady text book from 30 years ago,  describes over curly, kinky hair, as hair that grows out from the scalp, in the shape, of a corkscrew. In my 30 years in the business,  I have only run across one Black client, with this hair texture, the other five, we're all White. One young lady was German, and another young lady was Irish , with Blonde hair and blue eyes. Thank God for companies like Mizani, who came out with a Natural Curl Key, they have 8 Curl patterns, I believe there are more Curl patterns out there, but these 8, are some of the most common textures you will see in the hair salon. So, no matter what your ethnic back ground, whether you Black, White, Latino, Asian, Indian, or bi-racial, when choosing hair products, or services, you must make your decision based on your hair texture, and the over all condition of your hair, and not the color of your skin. I am African-American, but I am also of Native American, and Irish decent. I have never had tightly coiled, or overly curly hair. I haven't had a relaxer in 15 years, actually I never needed one. I had elbow length hair as a child without a relaxer. My oldest brother even had long hair as child. My hair is curly in the nape area,  and wavy on the top, so I use products to help retain the moisture, because alot of people with curly hair, have dry hair. When I wear my hair straight, I use products, that keep it from reverting to its curly state, like Mizani Thermal Smooth, It's  a Ten, product line, or Schwarzkopf Smooth Perect line. I never make my decision based on what color the model on the box is, and you shouldn't either. Read up on the latest products, still not sure, go into a salon, that is in a Ethnically diverse area, and get a consultation from a professional. 

Mar 24
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