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​​​​​​​B​​​​razilan and Amino Acid 

​K​eratin Treaments

​Are similar in the way they both push keratin

​into your hair by way of a flat iron, and 

​​temporary straighting or softening  your natural curl pattern by ​​60-​75%. This straightening or softening of​ your natural curl ​pattern can last 6-12 weeks on the treated hair. Here is where these two products di​ffer. T​he Brazilian Keratin

treatment, takes 3-4 days for the keratin 

mocules to get inside of the hair, causing the hair texture to soften, where the amino acid kera​tin treatment does the job the same day the tre​at​ment is done. The Amino acid treatme​​nt has smaller protein mocules that allo​​w it to enter ​the hair, soften it, and it​ can be curled and styled, all in one day, because of this, it has b​ecome more ​popular than the traditional Brazilian Keratin treaments​. Our treatments are 

formaldehyde free.​ Remember, these products do not make you hair bone straight.  They soften your natural curl pattern,  making your your softer, frizz free, and more manageable. Unlike Permanent relaxers, they can be safely used on permanently  colored hair, highlighted, or pre-lighted hair. They are also safe to use on children. Results will

​ vary  depending on your hair  texture. 

​  Si​mply Smooth

  Brazilian Keratin Treament $250 and up

         ​                         Touch up  $125 and up

​​  Hair 360 Amino Acid Treatment  

                                                    $200 and up

​                                 Touch up  $100 and up

​​Assuage by Naked Amino Acid Treatment

​                                                     $200 and up

​                                  Touch up  $100 and up​


​      Curl pattern before 

​       treatment


Curl pattern  after Amino Acid

​                  Treatment


Hair was colored with Schwarzkopf  Essensity Ammonia free Organic  Hair Color on top of Treatment ​