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​​​​We only sell the best quality of Virgin 

Human Hair. We sell a variety of textures

​and lengths. Our clients receive a discount

for allowing us to expertly install their 

new hair, they also recieve one free 

​hair coloring, highlights are extra. We will

color your extension hair, to blend in with

​your natural hair color, or we can use a 

demi-permanent color to color your 

natural hair and your extension hair for 

perfect color blending. Schwarzkopf 

demi-permanent color is ammonia free, 

and is safe for all hair textures. Call us

 about purchasing hair,  at (215)271-2108.

​ Request an appointment at

 Consulta​tions are always recommended

 for new clients, ​and they are always free.

 The hair you see on the right, is our top 

 quality, it is 9A. It may cost $20-$50 more

than some of the other quality of hair 

 that you may have purchased on the 

 internet, but this is the best quality of 

 weave hair, to buy if you wear weave

 all the time. It lasts longer than cheaper

 hair, 1-2 years, depending on how you

 take care of it, it doesn't shed, or tangle.

We recommend you have a professional 

 colorist color the hair with ammonia free

Hair color, to preserve the integrity of 

 the hair, for less damage. If you are in 

 Philadelphia area, and you allow us to 

 install you weave, we will handle the

 color process as well. We also sell 5A- 6A

 it's, an average quality hair, that most 

 women have been buying over the 

 internet. This hair is good for the client,

 who only wears weave for a special

 occasion, or just to change their look,

it's much cheaper than the 9A, but not as

 ​durable. Purchase our hair at




Hair was colored and highlighted with Schwarzkopf  color. Weave was installed and cut by Shontae.


Hair was colored and  highlighted by Tracey

​ Weave was installed,  cut and styled by  Shontae, some of her  client's hair was left out on top, to blend 

 with the weave.

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Weave done by Shontae                     Color by Tracey