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One of The Best Keratin Treatments Ever!

Honestly, this is one of the best Keratin treatments, we have ever used. No bad odors or smoky fumes. It is formaldehyde free, like most Amino acid Keratin treatments, but you skip a step, by not having to shampoo the hair after the treatment is done, why, because the Keratin treatment is in the form of a shampoo. Let me explain the procedure to you. First

we shampoo you with a clarifying shampoo, to remove product build-up, then we apply The First Shampoo, lather up, and work from root to ends, allow the shampoo to sit 10-20 minutes, depending on the hair texture, then we rinse, then apply The First Maintenance Mask, and allow to sit for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes, we rinse, blow dry your hair, and begin the flat iron process. We make 5-7 passes with our flat irons, and you hair is finished! Depending on length and texture of your hair the whole procedure can take just 90 minutes! Your hair can be shampooed or colored the same day, using sulfate free products only. You get softer, straighter, shiny, more healthier looking and feeling hair. If you would like to try this fabulous new treatment, book online, prepay, and get this service for only $84! Hurry before the sale is over!

The First Shampoo Keratin treatment was done at Back to Reality Hair Designs. The first photo, of the hair in its natural state. The second photo is The First  shampoo sitting on the hair, after the shampoo was rinsed out,  the hair was conditioned blown out, flat ironed, then lightly shampooed so color could be applied. The third photo is lightly shampooed hair, ready for color. Look at the difference in texture from the first photo to the third on color treated hair! Schwarzkopf Essensity ammonia free permanent hair color was used, then the hair was blown dry, flat ironed and styled, in last photo.

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